About Us

Backstage AV is a sound and lighting production company based in Cape Town, established in 2010, We offer a wide range of products and services from sound and lighting to audio visual to staging and trussing. We pride ourselves on our high standard of production, attention to detail and above all else our friendly, professional and skilled staff. At Backstage AV we believe that, no matter the size of the event or what the requirements are, all customers receive the highest level of service. To achieve this we only put our best into each and every event we undertake. We pay careful attention to each detail of each event from what piece of gear would work the best for a particular application, down to making sure all cabling is perfect and the whole event is neat. Consideration is always taken in providing the superior quality service, no matter of magnitude of the event or size of budget available, making us the perfect choice for your event. We are committed to bringing the next level of production standard to your event. Be it from a conference to a wedding to a band event. We will make sure your event is of the highest production standard.

About some of the Services we offer

We provide Sound & PA in all shapes & sizes for any size/type of event. We will plan, design and execute all aspects of the audio side at an event.

We provide lighting for events from small parties all the way up to large festivals & concerts. We pre design & program the show so the lighting can be as dynamic as possible for the event.

We can provide audio visual solutions from flat screens, to projectors, to LED walls in any design you can think of. As well as camera work, visuals for festivals etc.